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The Ministry of Health released an update on booster eligibility yesterday, February 7th, 2022. First Nation youth along with other at-risk groups, aged 12-17 years old, are now eligible to receive a booster dose three months after their second dose. We will now be offering the booster to this age group at the Health Centre. Please reach out to me to book an appointment.

Please CLICK HERE for the online Ontario Public Health PDF media link.

Or read the attached PDF document (embedded document links don’t work – but do work for the online PDF media link).

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Tara Campbell

COVID-19 Safety Coordinator

Saugeen First Nation #29

Tel: 519-797-2781 ext. 1125

Cell: 519-372-7583

COVID-19 Vaccine Third Dose Recommendations v7.1 2022-02-04 EN FINAL AODA