Opportunity for students who are considering a Practical Nursing Program or Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Georgian College.


This is Learn and Stay Grant through Georgian College’s Grey-Bruce campus.



I am pleased to share that our Practical Nursing diploma program has been added to the list of Learn and Stay grant-eligible programs.


This means that new students enrolled in Practical Nursing or Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing on Georgian’s Grey-Bruce Campus in Owen Sound have access to sizeable grant funds that significantly offset the cost of their education.


The condition for securing the grant is that graduates of Practical Nursing and Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing must remain in Grey-Bruce to work after graduation. More information can be found here





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Why does this matter:


This creates new pathways for students to Georgian College’s Grey-Bruce campus and helps our communities retain the talent that we are developing together. I am so excited about this one because the grant goes directly to qualifying students. This re-shapes the student experience as well given that we place students in a range of health care settings during their program. They already think about those placements as pathways to employment, but will likely give additional consideration to future employment given the need to remain in the region and work after graduation for grant eligibility.


Fast facts:


  • The Ontario Learn and Stay Grant provides funding for students studying in priority programs in priority communities in Ontario. This program:
    • Requires students to learn and work in the region where they study
    • Responds to labour market needs
    • Helps communities get the workers they need for in-demand professions
  • In addition to providing free tuition, the funding will cover the cost of:
    • Compulsory fees
    • Books
    • Other direct educational costs (e.g., supplies, equipment)
  • To be eligible for the grant, students must be an Ontario resident who is one of the following:
    • Canadian citizen
    • Permanent resident
    • Protected person
  • To receive this grant, students need to fulfill a service commitment. This means they are required to work in the region where they studied for a minimum of six months for every year of study funded by this grant.
    • For example, if the program of study is four years long (Honours Bachelor of Science – Nursing), and a student received the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant for each year that they studied, they must work in the region for 24 months (two years) after graduation. If a student only received the grant for three out of the four years of study, then they would only be required to work in the region for 18 months (one and a half years), and so on. If students do not fulfill the service commitment, their funding will be converted to a repayable loan, and treated the same as OSAP loans.


More information can be found here:



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