SFN Cultural & Wellness Temporary Programming

I want to thank those that had offered support and donations for the Elders Bingos during the past few months. The elders appreciated this soooo much, as did I!!

As per my email I am currently working out of the Youth Centre and Elders Bingo will be held here, but moved to Thursday evenings starting April 26th.

I will continue to accept any donations/contributions for the bingos. If you are interested, please contact me and let me know which dates you would like to contribute for. Contributions may be in form of prize table items, jackpot prizes, food for the social part of the evening which runs from 6-6:30pm. Some programs have provided dinners in the past and start time for the social was moved back to 5:30 – we are very flexible.

Just a reminder that these bingos present a great opportunity for programs to get word out to the Elders about any program initiatives and information they may have.

I look forward to more partnership building in this new fiscal year and send best wishes out to all 🙂



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